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Classical Fast Draw Society
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CFDS Rules

The CFDS uses only the Traditional style of drawing a gun. This means that the gun must be drawn, cocked, and fired with one hand. The only exceptions
to this rule will be on the occasion when more than one shot is to be
fired in one string. In that case, the first shot must be drawn, cocked,
and fired by the strong hand and only then can the gun be fanned or
thumbed by the weak hand to complete the string. The entire pistol must
be in front of the shooters body when fired. Shooting over or behind
the holster is not permitted (Click here
for an example). The CFDS rules are designed to preserve classic
art of fast draw and also to ensure competition is both fun and safe.

all championship matches (World, Regional, and State) three to five
shots will be fired; the individual times are recorded and averaged
together to determine the champion. One shot will be disregarded, usually
the slowest. In some case the fastest shot will be thrown out if the
time of that shot is distinctly faster than all other attemps. If the
time comparison between the 1st and 2nd fastest draw excedes 15%, the
fastest time will be disregarded. This rule is necessary to discount
luck shots or “jumping the light” shots.

win the honor of the fastest single draw in a CFDS competition, that
draw must be within 15% of the your second fastest draw. This statute
dates back to the late 50’s early 60’s and is central to the Classical
Fast Draw Society. The CFDS rules are designed to make certain that
a CFDS Champion really is “the fastest gun in the West.”

ammunition that can be used in CFDS fast draw matches are Blanks
or Primers. The blanks used must be approved by the CFDS. Wax
bullets are now being used at CFDS events.
guns used in CFDS activities will be of pre-1899 vintage design;
the Black
Hawk and the Vaquero
being the exceptions. All guns
used in CFDS events must be “STOCK.” Weapons used in compitition
can not be altered in any way. Internal work such as an “action
job,” where stock springs are replaced with lighter springs
and internal parts are polished, is permitted.
must be of the standard variety that would normally be seen
in the late 1800’s, or on the silver screen. Cut a way’s and
speed rigs are not permitted
body of the holster must cover the cylinder of the gun, to within
one-quarter inch of the top of the cylinder. The cut down in
the front of the holster must not exceed one inch. The cut down
in the rear of the holster must not be more than one-quarter
inch below the front of the gun’s trigger guard. An example
of a holsters that fit the maximum limits of the law would be
the Mernickle Hollywood
and Cowboy
. Cowboy Action type holsters are also legal.

of Competition

Level 1
The shooters
hand can not touch the gun or holster after the “stand
by” signal is given.
Level 2
The shooter
can have his or her hand on the gun, ready to draw.
Action –
Level 3
Many of
our members are also members of SASS, with this in mind, we
have developed a new level. The shooter will start with both
hands on his hat brim. At the beep, the shooter will draw his
gun with his strong hand, acquire the gun with his week hand,
cock gun with week side thumb, and fire (similar to SASS traditional
style). As in all our levels, the gun can never be raised higher
than a point half way between the belt and ones chin. (fanning
is not permitted)

Eleven and Six Inch Rules (Special Event)
The old
ELEVEN and SIX INCH RULE used by many clubs, shooting live ammo
back in the 1950’s, and early 1960’s. These levels is the same
as level #1, except that the shooters hand must be at least
eleven inches from the gun, at the stand by signal. The CFDS
will use BLANKS and WAX only.


will be a total of seven divisions of competition based on gender:

Division Age Range
Up to 14
Adult 14 – 60
Senior 60 – Above
Ladies All Ages

Dress Code and Alias

have developed a dress code, and a use of aliases, because it is obvious
that it has been successful with other groups. It is easy to see, that
it is also a great source of enjoyment, and creativity. Whole industries
have sprung up to satisfy the needs of many clubs and organizations,
whose dress codes are paramount in their activities.

Dress Code
Costumes of the CFDS can be Old
West, New West, or “B” Movie West.
The alias each member chooses
can be the one they already have from another organization, or one
they pick as they join the CFDS. No duplicates will be accepted.


Ribbons and certificates
are awarded to the top four competitors in each fast draw category:

Divisions x 3 Levels = 12 Categories

Belt buckles and
trophies will be awarded at all major CFDS matches as well as some of
our local matches.

Live Ammo Competition

The Classical Fast Draw Society has a live ammo division similar to SASS speed matches. There are 3 main categories:

  1. High speed pistol – 10 shots (two pistols)
  2. High speed rifle – 10 shots
  3. High speed shotgun – 6 shots 

In the live ammo segment; the gun is drawn and triggered by the strong hand, but can only be cocked by the weak thumb. Fanning is never permitted in the live ammo segment.

The C.F.D.S is an organization dedicated to the furtherance of FAST DRAW and the high speed use of other weapons, as a safe and exciting sport. The CFDS is strictly an amateur organization. There are no monetary awards, or prizes in any of our matches or contests.