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1st Annual CFDS World Championship at Mule Camp Results

We shot three different levels of competition: Level 1 (Classical), Level 3 (Lawman), and the Cowboy Action Level. Level One (Classical), which is best described as classic, traditional, or thumbing. In this level the shooters hand can be close to but not touching the gun. In the old days, some people called it close proximity but, regardless of what you call it, this method is the most difficult of the fast draw styles. The shooter has to acquire the gun and in particular the hammer. Then, of course, he has to get off the hammer, which is difficult in itself.

Another point to mention is that in all the levels shot by the CFDS, the gun can not be fired until it is forward of the holster. A shot fired over the holster, is scored as a miss. Each shooter shoots four rounds. The best three out of four shots are added together to form a total or index score. The individual times are recorded to indicate the fastest draw of the match.

Level 1 (Classical)

In Level One (Classical) we had 37 competitors. Shalako Joe, CFDS # 74, who is also a World Champion CAS shooter, was leading the group for two and one half days with a total score of 1.679 seconds (.567, .545 & .567). But in the final hours, two shooters caught up and edged him out. Kid Rio CFDS # 150 posted a final score of 1.483 seconds (.500, .485 & .498) to win the Beautiful Silver/Gold Belt buckle and the World Championship.

Kid Rio is better known by his given name, Jim Dunham. Jim is a world class gun spinner, handler, and fast draw artist. He is also quite a famous Cowboy Historian. Stainless Steel CFDS # 03 posted a total score of 1.552 seconds (.543, .527 & .482) to come in second and receive the first place trophy. (Note: in our world, or state championship matches, the champion stands alone, and the first, second, third, and fourth place trophies follow). Shalako Joe CFDS # 74 won the second place trophy. The third place trophy went to Martial Law CFDS # 10 who turned in the next winning total score of 1.771 seconds (.673, .522 & .576). The Fourth place trophy went to Smiling Jack, with a total score of 1.843 seconds (.620, .612 & .611).

It is interesting to note, that the difference between the Champion and the fourth place winner was only 16 one hundreds of a second. According to CFDS rules, a shooter may enter competition in all of the levels, but can only win the Championship in ONE.

Yancy Derringer, founder of The Classical Fast Draw Society, did not enter the competition, but he shot the course for demonstration only. His level one total score was .811 seconds (.247, .268 & .296).

Level 2 (Lawman)

In Level 3 (Lawman) there were 26 competitors and about 30 more who shot this level just for fun. And it was fun. This level is similar to the type of draw used by The Cowboy Fast Draw Association and Shoot Magazine. In this level the shooter starts off with his or her hand on the gun ready to draw. At the signal the shooter draws and shoots. Some very nice scores were posted in this event. The CFDS World Champion Belt Buckle was awarded to Smiling Jack CFDS # 05. His total time was 1.322 seconds (.439, .432 & .413). The first place trophy was awarded to Rory Calhoun CFDS # 06, with a total time of 1.464 seconds (.549, .438 & .436). The second place trophy went to Stainless Steel CFDS # 03, with a total score of 1.464 seconds (.496, .497 & .471). The third place trophy went to Injun John CFDS # 126, with a total score of 1.543 seconds (.507, .561 & .475). The fourth place trophy went to Bob McKoy CFDS # 133 with a total time of 1.597 seconds (.609, .497 & .491).

Level 3 (Cowboy Action)

Cowboy Action Level had the most shooters. 44 shot in competition and probably 40 or 50 more shot to see what it was like. Needless to say, they all seemed to like it. The great CAS shooter, Evil Roy CFDS # 29 was leading the pack for the first two days with a total score of 2.128 seconds (.785, .631 & .712). But in the final hours, T.B. Boss CFDS # 50 edged him out for the World Champion Belt Buckle. T.B. Boss shot a total score of 1.885 seconds (.632, .599 & .654). T.B. Boss is the CFDS State Marshall for the state of Georgia.

Evil Roy took the first place trophy. I donít know how many of you have had the opportunity of meeting Evil Roy, but everyone I know who has, says the same thing, ďthis is one of the nicest people in the shooting sportsĒ. Evil Roy will be having his famous Ďhands oní 2 day Cowboy Action Shooting course in Florida in the beginning of November. Check the CFDS website or the Evil Roy website for details.

Second place trophy in the Cowboy Action Level went to Injun John CFDS # 126, with a total time of 2.664 seconds (.938, .879 & .847). Third place trophy went to Royal Blue CFDS # 128, with a total score of 2.896 seconds (.983, .956 & .957). Fourth place trophy went to Red Cent CFDS # 127, with a total score of 3.059 seconds (1.031, 1.005 & 1.023). Ladies Fast Draw Cowboy Action Level was won by Blondie CFDS # 08. Her total time was 2.288 seconds (.777, .802 & .709). Second place went to Lacey V. Wildfire CFDS # 137, with at total score of 3.146 seconds (1.087, 1.010 & 1.049).

We will inform everyone by mail and e-mail of upcoming activities. The Florida State Championship and the Georgia State Championship will be coming up this fall and you donít have to be a resident of the state to win. There will be menís and ladiesí classes.

Yancy Derringer CFDS # 1
" I would like to thank San Quinton and all the others at Mule Camp for making us so welcome at this World Famous CAS match. I
I would also like to thank all the people who competed in our first World Championship Fast Draw Match. The turnout was great and everyone seemed to really have a good time; after all, thatís what it is all about."