Classical Fast Draw Society
Inverness, FL

Classical Fast Draw Society 
Where You Can Become a Legend
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Jack McCrave

Alias: Yancy Derringer
Badge #1

6118 E. Tenison St.
Inverness, FL 34452
(352) 344-0912

The President leads the govering body of the Classical Fast Draw Society called The Commission.

  VP & Managing Director
Randie Rickert
Alias: Mad Jack

State Marshalls
The duties and responsibilities of the State Marshall are to officiate at all statewide festivities and to act as the final mediator in all debates, also to promote CFDS.
Florida Robert Ball
Alias: BearClaw Bob 
CFDS # 178
17126 NE 36th CT
Citra,  FL 32113
(352) 595 - 3372

Georgia T.B. Burton
Alias: Dr. T.B. Boss
CFDS # 50
60 Bob White Trail
Canton, GA 30115
( 770)-345-0385
New York Michael Manning
Alias: Martial Law
CFDS #10
11 Linden St.
Staten Island, NY 10310
(917) 833-7424
Virgina Kevin Fristoe
Alias: Royal Blue
CFDS # 128
(540) 635-2521
North Carolina Harold Frenat
Alias: Red Cent
CFDS # 127
(336) 698-9338

Arizona John Williams
Alias: Irish Thunder
CFDS # 84
(928) 317-5139

Ilinois Bill Oglesby
Alias: Badlands Bill
CFDS # 149
(217) 487-7100
West Virgina Dean Perry
Alias: Punch
CFDS # 144
(304) 258-3771
Maryland Andy Kendle
Alias: No-One
CFDS # 130
(301) 714-0611


M.David Lord
Alias: Jug Hill Jake
CFDS # 140 
(207) 897 - 6172

  The C.F.D.S is an organization dedicated to the furtherance of FAST DRAW and the high speed use of other weapons, as a safe and exciting sport. The CFDS is strictly an amateur organization. There are no monetary awards, or prizes in any of our matches or contests.